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Sydne went to Anguilla

By sydnejacoby92005865, Feb 17 2015 06:17PM

Sydne was smiling down on us.

Feb 17 2015 11:15PM by Nadine,Dean and Josh Jacoby

Welcome to SJF Blog.After you post please e-mail your pictures to aceforsyd@verizon.net and we will upload it. We look forward to hearing from you. SJF

Feb 17 2015 11:19PM by Sydne's Mom

I know in my heart Sydne you know all the things I have done to keep your name very much alive! I will continue to follow your dreams with the help of so many people..........xo your mom forever

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Syd has been all over the world!!

Share your pictures and stories with us. Post your pictures where Sydne's bracelet has traveled. Also show us your good time pics at the Second Annual Ace it for Syd Tennis Tournament. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for all your support.  SJF

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